The Honey Hole

Honey Hole is a fall seasonal brewed to sip while the leaves are changing.  This unfiltered wheat is brewed with 100% Orange Blossom Honey and fresh orange zest.  It’s caramel malt backbone separates it from other wheat beers and gives the beer it’s trademark graham crackery goodness.

Watermelon Mosaic

Beat the heat with our juiciest India Pale Ale yet.  We took one of our favorite fruity hops and infused it with real watermelon for an IPA that can quench your thirst on an August afternoon.  This perfectly hopped, unfiltered ale also features a little bit of haze and hints of blueberry, mango and stone fruit.

Hazy Merchandise

Our new IPA is a beautiful, hazy tribute to the great beers of New England.  The name is a tribute to the wicked good tuna fisherman of the area.  This well-balanced beer is hopped late for a smooth finish and lots of notes of juicy berry, passion fruit and mango with just enough malt backbone and a touch of pine.


This summer wheat ale is camouflaged cocktail.  We brewed a light, refreshing American wheat with all of the flavor characteristics of the classic margarita.  It is a mildly hopped with a beautiful haze from all of the citrus present.  A smooth lime presence is perfectly balanced by the subtle sweetness of orange and agave notes.  Best served in a chilled glass with a salted rim…¡Salud!

Catch of the Day IPA

This is the freshest possible IPA you can drink, brewed in very small batches and usually served straight from the bright tank.  The recipe, alcohol and IBU varies with the fresh, locally sourced ingredients we source for each unique batch.

Marina Colada

Marina Colada is the perfect beer to start sipping as the weather turns warm.  In contrast to most wheat beers, we use white wheat malt to pair more delicately with the beautifully light flavors of toasted coconut and ripe pineapple.  We round it out with just the right amount of hops to give it the hint of citrus & spice you love in a fresh wheat beer.

Radio Rye IPA

The Radio Rye IPA is a brilliantly hopped beer for those who still enjoy a complex malt backbone.  The malts provide a warm, crusty spice with German roots balanced with a touch of honey and toffee notes.  We round it out with a delicious blend of hops that add a bit more spice and tangerine to the finish.  Most beers force you to choose between a hoppy or a malty flavor profile…we just gave you both.

OC Reef Red IPA

The OC Reef Red IPA was brewed as a tribute to the conservation, and addition, of reefs off the shore of Ocean City, MD.  They create a stable ecosystem that serves as both food and habitat for all forms of marine life.  This in turn provides a sustainable sportfishing industry that supports our local community and economy.  Fin City will be donating a large portion of the proceeds from this red IPA to the Ocean City Reef Foundation.  The beer itself is as beautiful and unique as the coral reefs it will help create…bright & herbal with hints of marmalade and apricot.

Hazy Port

This limited release is everything you love about those holiday indulgences in a glass.  Let your pint sit for a minute and all of the robust flavors will come to life…dark chocolate, roasted coffee, caramel, toasted hazelnut and oatmeal.  This one can be enjoyed anytime from breakfast until that fireside nightcap.

Cranberry IPA

This unique offering was brewed to bridge the gap between the amber beers of autumn and the hearty, dark winter warmers.  This bright IPA has beautiful tangerine notes that perfectly compliment the slightly sweet, slightly tart cranberry.  This is the ideal brew for Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between.