BackFIN Blue Crab Stout

We’ve brewed a lot of different beers as Ocean City’s oldest brewery, but this beer is extra special for us.  For centuries people have been brewing stouts with oysters to promote clarity and enhance the beer’s sweet & roasty characteristics with the natural salinity of the oyster.  We have now brewed the first known stout using live blue crabs in the boil to create one of the most unique beers in the world.  Just like bakers use salt to bring out the sweetness in their desserts, the crabs and spice cause the toffee and chocolate notes to come to life in this beautiful stout.  This is a beer that could only have been painstakingly handcrafted in our homemade microbrewery, located in the heart of an old crab house.

WARNING:  Contains Shellfish!

Seacret RUMpkin Ale

For the brewpub’s 5th anniversary of brewing our award winning pumpkin beer, we decided to do something extra special.  First, we took medium toasted American oak chips which offer naturally delicious, smoky vanilla flavors.  Then, we aged them in Seacrets Distilling Company’s Spiced Rum which adds even more of the delicious blackstrap molasses and spice that you love in our pumpkin beer.  Finally, we added it all together to create a truly special union of Ocean City’s oldest brewery and oldest distillery.

Pomegranate Wheat

We converted our classic wheat recipe into a truly one of a kind summer offering.  By subtracting some of the spice and adding the sweet & tart flavor profile of our favorite super fruit, you get a uniquely complex beer made for hot summer nights.  The natural fruit juices give a slight rosy hue to this beautifully hazy, medium-bodied ale.

Bimini Key

Bimini Key is the perfect warm weather beverage inspired by the great beers of the Bahamas.  To enhance this mildly hopped summer sipper even more, we infused it with key limes to add a smoother, sweeter citrus taste to the already soft mouth feel.  As all of our beers are dedicated to the local fishing community, this one was made to capture the essence of Ocean City based boat builders, Bimini Marine.

Weedline E-Z IPA

Our session IPA is a sublime pairing of a relaxed ABV with a nice high IBU to enjoy all day with your buds.  We used a top secret blend of the dopest hops we could find in the joint and threw most of them in the pot after the boil to make the aromas very blunt.  A nice grassy, herbal nose perfectly compliments the light cracker body of this day drinker…

Bad Luck Banana

this robust porter is a malt bomb that makes other porters blush.  we mash seven types of dark, caramel, chocolaty malts with fresh bananas to provide a smooth backbone to this winter treat.  to keep this ale a traditional porter, we balance it with a fair amount of english hops to round it out and add depth.  while bananas on a boat might hurt your chances of catching fish, bad luck banana will definitely help your chances of catching a buzz…

Capitano’s Winter Stout

Our winter stout is named after the brewmaster’s great grandfather who brewed this recipe during prohibition.  Unlike sweeter milk or oatmeal stouts, ours is a dry stout with a great body and robust coffee notes.  It’s made with English style hops from Oregon that lend a fragrant wood-like aroma.

Double Huk Double IPA

Our most aggressively hopped beer is crammed full of Centennial hops for a bright citrus delight.  This deep golden ale is finished with dry additions of fresh earthy hops over the course of many days to leave you with a richness and complexity you won’t find in any other 2xIPA…

Bucktail Brown Ale

This is our interpretation of a classic American brown ale.  It is a medium-bodied beer with a slightly roasty, slightly sweet maltiness that gives it a natural nutty flavor profile.  Four types of hops add a spiciness and notes of smooth orange citrus to perfectly balance this fall season release.

Poor Man’s IPA

A golden IPA that’s complexity is due to four separate additions of 6 hop varieties.  It’s floral beginning is complimented by intense tropical and citrus aromas achieved by dry hopping with the finest hops from the west coast.